View Full Version : Bamboo Conservation and Paragliding Tourism of Megasari Peak

08-06-2016, 11:38

Not only as a beautiful sunrise spot site, Megasari peak has been recognized as a bamboo conservation and paragliding tourism area in Bondowoso, East Java. It is situated on a slope with a height of about 1598 M above sea level, there must be a special effort for the conservation of protected forest areas are the property of Perhutani.

Dozens of activists from the Green Madani and Ijen Eagle Paragliding community conservation work in the region. They did a bamboo tree planting at point - teller sloping highly prone to landslides. Various types of bamboo they planted, one of which is petung hitam. Potential stored on a Megasari is now also begun to attract aerospace sports lovers. Some of senior pilots Paragliding and Paramotor from Malang to come to trial in the hills Megasari.

While in this Megasari conservation bamboo, bamboo tree selection based on a number of reasons. Among these bamboo has faster growth, so has the ability of carbon deposits is very high. On the other hand, bamboo also has a biomass productivity are also quite high compared with other plants.

In addition, bamboo is also able to absorb C02 ( carbon dioxide ) and release more oxygen into the atmosphere than any other tree. Bamboo also has a high economic value and is supported by a short harvesting.