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The Monument of Governor Suryo is the respect presentation to the first East Java Governor who had killed during PKI rebellion in Madiun 1948. This monument located in near to Apsari Park Complex in Gubernur Suryo Street in front of Grahadi State Building.

Governor Suryo was the first governor of East Java. His full name was Raden Mas Tumenggung Ario Soerjo. He was born in the district of Magetan, East Java on July 9, 1898. Before he became governor of East Java, Raden Suryo was a regent at Magetan regency during 1938- 1943, and then served as SU Cho Kan Bojonegoro in 1943.

During the Indonesia struggling, RM Suryo made a ceasefire agreement with the commander of British forces, Brigadier General Mallaby in Surabaya on October 26, 1945. Yet still, the fighting erupted three days in Surabaya October 28 to 30 which made the English pressed.

The ceasefire agreement was not completely understandable by the indigenous fighters, and the gunfire was still happened that killed Mallaby. That tragedy infuriated the British troops and the commander named General Mansergh giving ultimatum to Surabaya people to hand over all the weapons at the latest on 9 November 1945 or the next day Surabaya will be destroyed.

Responding to the ultimatum, President Sukarno was fully devolved decision in the hands of the government of East Java, either they refusing or giving up. Governor Suryo expressly addressed in RRI Radio that Arek-Arek Suroboyo or Surabaya people will fight the ultimatum.

Hence, under that statue Governor Suryo, there is Speech inscription at November 9th 1945 on 23.00 Pm in Nirom Broadcast, Embong Malang Street Surabaya (Nowadays is JW Marriott Hotel), it is written: "Repeatedly we have told that our position is better fallen to pieces than being colonized again. Also now in face ultimatum of English, we will hold firmly this position. We still refuse the ultimatum”.
Around this monument, there is spot gathering for Surabaya youngster when they are hanging out on Saturday Night

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