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Grahadi State Building is a building in Surabaya, East Java, which was built in 1795 during the reign Residan Dirk Van Hogendorps (1794-1798). In the beginning, this building was overlooks to the Kalimas in the north side, so that on the afternoon of the occupants while drinking tea we could see the boats which were passing. Nowadays, the function of the building is an official residence of Governor of East Java.

At early begin, this building is standing on the land in Jalan Pemuda that formerly known as Simpang, which owned by a Chinese who initially reluctant to leave it up to Van Hogendorp. But according to the story he was finally forced to subtly with the statement that the land would be "saved" for him.

In following development, this majestic building was used to convene Raad van Justitie (Court of Appeal), it also used for parties, dance receptions and others. In 1802, the building was originally overlooking the North, then converted into the South just like today’s look. Across from the building, there is park named Kroesen (Taman Simpang); the name is taken from the Resident J.C. Th. Kroesen (1888-1896). On the back of the garden there is a statue of Jokodolog that derived since Majapahit Empire that now standing strong till todayy. Among the relics of the Dutch period there is a writing desk that now being used by East Java Governor in his office. The last Dutch governor that inhabits the Grahadi building was: CH. Hartevelt (1941-1942).

Since Indonesia's independence, the first East Java Governor who residing in Grahadi was R.T. Soerjo (1946-1948) whose statue now looks at the building across the street. Since Governor Samadikoen (1945-1957) to the present this building is used as the state building to receive guests, receptions and other gatherings, while the governor himself resided at another residence in the city of Surabaya.

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Doll Adi
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One of them which has historical value is the Grahadi state building at jalan Gubernur Suryo 7, Surabaya.

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