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06-06-2016, 10:29

Rante Wulung beach is the third beach on the west of Kondang Merak. Or more precisely located on the west coast Sugu. Access was still the same, from Kondang Merak combing the west to continue to reach the Sugu beach. From coast westward Sugu still following a path in the woods. However traveling from coast to coast Sugu Rante Wulung need extra power for up and down the hilly terrain where the condition of the forest is still dense and takes for about 1 hour.

This beach is a small beach but has a curved coastline and very exotic scenery and still quiet so it feels like a private beach and all the struggles you also will pay off so until this beach. Administratively the beach is located in the village of Rante Wulung Bandungrejo, Bantur South Malang.

Rante Wulung is the name of famous haunted forest, cliffs and hills in front Kondang Sugu / Beach Sugu in western complex Kondang Merak Beach, Rante means high cliff or a dwelling place ( residence ) eagle ( wulung ) among anglers call ngrante / pathukan ngrante.

Rante Wulung, Rante in the Java language, especially in poor means stone or rock towering upright or vertical can say Rante means cliff or high place. In the ancient language Rante means the place / dwelling / hut / place offerings. Rante means strong / sturdy in Indonesian. Rante means a comprehensive or overlay. Rante means the series ( chain ) to name Rante there are 4 places in Malang.

09-06-2016, 16:06
The sea is very beautiful, I want to go.