View Full Version : Geopark Merangin Nature Tourism

03-06-2016, 16:41
Geopark Merangin is a nature tourism that very popular among tourists in Jambi due to the attractiveness of flora fossils for 350 million years old in it.

The views of the old fossil in this Geopark is really amazing. The fossil flora that available in this place is really give a very interesting travel experience. Moreover, we can do rafting along the river to challengee the adrenaline.

Merangin Geopark is located in the district of Merangin, precisely in Air Batu village and Dusun Baru, District Pemberap.
The distance of this Geopark location from the center of Jambi is somehow near. It takes no more than 7 hours to be in Air Batu village by using a motor vehicle. To be able to be in the exact location, it takes about 3 hours on foot or by rafting down the river.

To go to the location of Geopark Merangin, you can use two access. The first is by walking around the forest on the outskirts of the river and it takes for about 3 hours walking.

The second is by downing the river. This second access is considerably more interesting than the first one. You can do rafting to reach the exact location. Although it is considerably more fun, but it takes guts, power, and more cost to visit this Geopark Merangin.