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Berbak National Park is a largest swamp forest in Southeastern Asia that settled in Jambi, Sumatra Island. This national park is a peat swamp forest with the greatest number of palm species.

Berbak National Park is a protected forest since 1935 under Dutch colonial law and later has been declared as a national park and becomes the wetland of international importance.

The uniqueness of the Park lies in its attractive combination of peat swamp forest and freshwater swamp forest which stretches along the east coast of Sumatra.

The plant species in the Park include meranti (Shoreasp.) and various species of palm. The Park in fact boasts the largest number of ornamental palm species in Indonesia. Of these, a number are categorized as endangered, including daun payung (Johanesteijmannia altifrons), and a newly found species, Lepidonia kingii (Lorantaceae family) which has a large, red/violet flower.

Berbak National Park is also a habitat for the Sumatran rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis sumatrensis), Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae), Malayan tapir (Tapirus indicus), lesser Malay mouse deer (Tragulus javanicus kanchil), 300 bird species including Chinese egret (Egretta eulophotes), lesser adjutant stork (Leptoptilos javanicus), all species of kingfisher (Alcedinidaespp.), white-winged wood duck (Cairina scutulata), Malayan giant turtle (Orlitia borneensis), and batagur turtle (Batagur baska). There are hundreds, even thousands of migrant birds can also be seen in this Park, making an amazing sight when they are flying through the air in a flock.

How to get there
From Jambi, by speed boat along the Batanghari river, then turn right along the Air Hitam Dalam river, about 2.5-3 hrs, or directly to Nipah Panjang, about 4'5 hours. From Nipah Panjang, head for Air Hitam Laut village, 5'8 hours via the South China Sea (the journey time depends on wave conditions).

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Berbak National Park is the best tourist place..