View Full Version : Unique Minang Concept of Taruko Cafe, West Sumatera

03-06-2016, 13:10

Taruko, a cafe and a restaurant which is located on the valley floor Sianok canyon, about 15-20 minutes on the clock gadang, bukittinggi city center, just at the foot of Tabiang Takuruang a small hill surrounded by high cliffs in the canyon Sianok.

This position directly opposite the cafe Sianok Canyon. Unique, Interesting and Ethnic, are the first impression when you visit this place. The atmosphere very shady with a nice cool weather. Taruko name taken from the name of a village located in Minang. In Minang language, the word means to start something new. The word was chosen for the location of this cafe are former forest which later developed into a cafe by Irfan Sukri, Minang people.

Taruko first established in 2008, but officially opened to the public in 2010. They provide a variety of interesting menu of Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, and China. The average price offered around Rp . 15,000- Rp. 40,000. In Indonesian dishes, not only provided Nasi rendang, but also there kalio chicken rice, Lado mudo duck rice, rice dendeng and so on. All dishes are served by a delicious tasty food.

Taruko has three huts large size that can be filled 50-70 guests, and a small gazebo that can accommodate 30-40 guests. Each has a gazebo -style architecture typical longhouse formed from wood, formed with an open system without much insulation. This kind of place is suitable used for reunions, social gathering or a family gathering.