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Sorong is a regency in West Papua province. The capital city is located in Aimas city. Sorong is become one of the main oil producers in Indonesia and being famous by the habitation of eatherback turtles.

Sorong is directly bounded with Raja Ampat regency in North and West, South Sorong regency is South and Manokwari regency is East.

Sorong playing a role as the gateway also opens opportunities for domestic and foreign investors to invest. Seaports and air becomes an important factor in opening investment opportunities. Relation becomes widely covers in various sectors, ranging from industry to agriculture, including fisheries sector.

A hidden paradise at the head of New Guinea birds. Sorong regency which is famous for oil produce, are now beginning to boost the tourism sector with a variety of pilot development.

Sorong regency make marine tourism is now the top priority for their tourism object. It is Makbon beach, that become the main attraction in Sorong. This beach is located on the Makbon bay as a tourist area. The island has the meaning Morning Star, with undulating waves that surfers will challenge the world.

Not far from the beach Makbon, there is the island of Um. With white sandy beaches, this site is suitable for snorkeling and diving activities. The attraction of this island is coming from the movement of its animals. At the morning there will be gulls flying looking for meal in the sea, at dawn there will be a group of bat that coming out of their nest.

Sorong regency had become the part of history in time of World War II. There are numbers of islands that can be the traces of legacy of Japanese troops, such as ammunition, Japanese cave, even “dead” fighter planes and flying field.

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