View Full Version : Bukit Kaba, Life Crater at Bengkulu

24-05-2016, 17:37

Kaba Volcano is located at Rejanglebong Regency, Bengkulu, Sumatra Island. There are 8 craters show historical explosive activity. The summit area of Kaba volcano contains three high peaks - Bukit Kaba, Bukit Itam (1893 m) and Bukit Malintang (1713 m) with three craters among them called Kaba west-old crater, Kaba middle-new crater and kaba vogel sang crater, one of them is still active. Vapors incessantly escape from 12 fissures in the earth and hot water springs are found in the vicinity. For those who like mountain climbing, this crater complex is in the sulfurous mountains.


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