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20-05-2016, 16:53
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Pasir Padi is nearest beach from Pangkalpinang, it is located in Air Itam around 7 kilometers from Depati Amir Airport. It is called Pasir Padi, because this beach looks like a paddy field from the distance.

Because it is located near central city, this beach becomes one of the Bangka Belitung’s the most visited beaches. Moreover, this beach is always used as a place to celebrate arts and cultural events, such as Chinese New Year/ Imlek and Peh Cun.

When low tide comes, this beach becomes wider. Due to its solid ground, visitors can drive their own cars or motor cycle. That is also one of the reasons why Pasir Padi is sometimes used as a racing arena.

When high tide comes, a small island near Pasir Padi, namely Pulau Punai is seen. Actually, this beach does not have any great granite stones but heaps of bigger corals can be found in the south of the beach. Across the beach, there are Semujur Island and Panjang Island. Speedboats departed to and arrived from Belitung are seen certain times in the afternoon.


Pasir Padi Beach is a good place for looking sunrise. Morning scenery in the beach is so beautiful. In the morning or evening, we usually can see some people bringing a stick to look for conch. Sometimes, the visitors not only look for conch, but also bring anchor to catch some fish.

At the weekends, especially during school holiday there are a lot of students camping at Pasir Padi. This place is suitable for camping because it is wide and can be used to do some sports, for example, play football, volley or just playing with the sands. There are also some canteens and other public facilities, such as playground for children and a hotel for those who want to lodge.

Pangkalpinang citizens come to Pasir Padi both to enjoy the view and taste the sea food. There are a lot of restaurants serving delicious sea food at the lagoon.



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Woa. Look so beautiful. i hope i can visit here in the near future.