View Full Version : Batu Atapa Beach, the Mining Tourism at the Beach of Bangka

20-05-2016, 16:28
Batu Atap Beach is was similar to Romodong and Penyusuk Beach, which are white-sanded sloping beach so that people love to swim and playing sands there. Different from Romodong and Penyusuk that have a lot of granites, such a view will not be found at Batu Atap. We can see forest and reclamation area of PT. Timah along the way to this beach. Batu atap is fulfilled by coconut tree which grows wildly. There are also some conventional mine fields managed by the local citizens. This beach is often used as a camping area by members of scout, as well as association for environmental and adventure activity because of its calm, coolness, and it’s easy to get clean water there.

Batu Atap Beach is located in Plaben Village, Bukit Ketok, north of Bangla island, Belinyu subdistrict, Bangka region. The beach takes ±15 km from the central of Belinyu, by either personal or rent vehicle, through the same road to Romodong and Penyusuk Beach, before a T-intersection heading to Pantai Romodong and Penyusuk, turn right, and we will find a side road besides a mosque. Then we walk ± 2 km through a bumpy road, due to mining activity along the way to the beach. Do you want to see” the trace of mining tourism at beach” to satisfy your curiosity about the effect of tin mining in Bangka Island? Please come to Batu Atap Beach.