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20-05-2016, 15:38

Burung Mandi Beach is situated in Burung Mandi Village, Damar District of Belitung Timur Regency, about 20 km from Manggar City, or about 70 km from H. AS Hanandjoeddin Airport. The name Burung Mandi or bathing bird was not derived from its literal meaning to describe that many birds bathing in the area, but from a hill standing firmly next to it named after “Burung Mandi”.

On the right side of the hill, before getting to the beach, stands a Budhayana temple known as Kwan Im temple often visited by Buddhists and those who want to have their fate being divined. This temple is unique for it was constructed on a granite boulder.


At the entrance, two bird statues welcome visitors to this uncommon beach. It’s kind of unique because in spite of having granite boulders as the characteristic of Bangka Belitung beach, slanting soft white sandy beach is stretched along 2 km.

Coconut and casuarina trees are arrayed in a row on the beach, while colourful traditional fishing boats known as kater was on its corner. The kater on white sand with blue water as a background create such an amazing view and of course become one of its attractiveness. If lucky, visitors will also see how children of Burung Mandi show up their swimming skill in the sea.


18-01-2017, 17:10
hi Im a Belitung-born guy. i need to reconfirm about the photo shown there. the first photo is sure burung mandi beach, but the second photo showing the rock is not. it is in tanjung kelayang beach, which can be reach using jetski u can rent there.