View Full Version : Ketabung Furniture From Blitar, East Java

17-05-2016, 15:44

Blitar has numbers of handicraft products, it comes in various details and functions. Like no other handicraft which is usually using wood or rattan as the main materials, these handicrafts from Blitar are made by banana leaves, so that it is called by Ketebung Furniture and handicraft. As well as other furniture, it also produces into kinds of shape and size. The motif of each furniture also give an art value that combine with exclusive natural banana leaves color, that being glossily polished, will definitely give a luxurious nuance. The centre of Ketebung Furniture industry is located at Karang Melok Village, Tamanan district, it is about 15 Km from Bondowoso to the south.

16-09-2017, 13:34
It is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing

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