View Full Version : Commemorating The Historical Moment of Van Der Wicjk Ship, Lamongan

17-05-2016, 15:39

Van Der Wijck Monument, is a monument that was built during the reign of Dutch East Indies, which is located at the harbor office Brondong, Lamongan, East Java.

The monument was built to commemorate the sinking of Van Der Wijck ship. Van der Wijk was a steamer belonging to Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij (KPM), which was the forerunner of the National Sailing Indonesia (Pelni) today. The ship at that time was serving the Netherlands East Indies; it build by Fijenoord Maatschappij, Rotterdam in 1921 with 2,596 tons of heavy tonnage and 13.5 meters wide vessel. This ship got the nickname of "de Meeuw" or "The Seagull", due to ship that has very graceful and quiet figure