View Full Version : The Rumble Waves at Karanggoso Beach, Trenggalek

17-05-2016, 15:36

Karanggongso beach is about 3 Km, east of Prigi. The beach is 1,5 Km long with white sand, gullet and clear water which enables the tourists to take a bath. This beach is located in Tasikmadu village, Trenggalek and it facilitated with a cottage, a hotel and boats rental, including Hotel Prigi that belongs to the Regional Government cooperative.

By having natural scenery, Karanggongso Beach is suitable for the visitor to enjoy the sea air and the waves. There are big stones around the beach, where the visitor can sit there, watch the waves and feel the wind. This beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Trenggalek regency that can attract both the domestic and foreign tourists.

27-06-2016, 12:57