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Popular as Grand Elty Krakatoa Resort, this area was known as Kalianda Resort, and it located in Kalianda Village, South Lampung. At this tourism area, the management provides some of facilities like Sport arena, Outbound, camping ground, off road, hotel, bungalow, discotheque, outdoor restaurant, meeting hall, mushola for praying, motor rental and swimming pool.

For Sport Arena, there is Beach Volleyball court, beach soccer, driving range and golf course. Sports that can be done in this area is jet ski, paddle boats, banana boat, snorkeling, diving, including diving on Sebuku island, as well as fishing with a kite-kayang, around the Gulf of Merak Belantung.

Grand Elty Krakatoa Resort is located in Kalianda, precisely at Km 45 Jalan Trans Sumatra. This resort is a resort area that is integrated across multiple functions Resort in 360 hectares of land. The length of the beach is around 7 km and the long driveway is around 4 KM. In this area there is Grand Hotel & Villa Resort and a white sandy beach called Embe.
The trip from Jakarta to Grand Elty Krakatoa Resort by land is generally 5 hours, inclusive ride to cross the Sunda Strait Ferry for 2 hours. While, when using plane from Jakarta is around 3 hours.

Kalianda is not only has a beautiful bay but also some attractions that worth visiting, among others are the Radin Inten II National Heroes Cemetery, Bald Mountain Beach, Wartawan Beach, Canti Beach, Way Belerang, and Batu Kapal Beach. There is also wsiata Curug Way Kalam with a seven-storey waterfall that also stunning to be visited.