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Located about 20 KM from Bandar Lampung, Pantai Pasir Putih or White Sand Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Lampung and the nearest destination that only takes about 20 minutes from downtown. Pasir Putih Beach offers captivating views of sparkling sea, and clean and fine white sandy beach.

Around the beach there is shelter, toilets, rest room and rental motorboats that being functioned as the facilities for the visitors. The beach is always crowded on holiday and becomes one of favorit places to go. We can relax our mind while doing swimming and boating to Condong Island. We can rent a boat from the White Sand Beach and having so much fun at the island. While, for those who want to enjoy the underwater, we can take the boat to Bule Island. There will be colorful coral reefs and clown fishes under the water that can be seen from glass box, a traditional tools that been used by the fisherman to catch the lobster.

Pasir Putih beach is located in Trans Sumatra highway, Tarahan, Lampung and it accessible by any vehicles and public transportations. For those who ride private vehicles can start the journey from Bandar Lampung, for about 35 minutes. While if you take public transportation, we can take the route from Lampung directly to Pasir Putih beach.

After reaching the location, we can enchanted by the magnificent view from this location and there will be entrance fee that have to be paid, for Rp. 20.000/ person. Pasir Putih beach has magnificent view, showing the combination of grenn and bluish sea water and decorated by the fine white sandy beach along the shore. The shady nuance around the beach is also stunning; there are lines of trees that standing firmly around the beach, adding the refreshing atmosphere in the middle of pouring sunlight.