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Sedekah Bumi

Sedekah Bumi is a traditional ritual that still being held by some communities in East Java Province. This Sedekah Bumi is having different names in each region, but it has the same purpose either ways. Sedekah Bumi is kind of an offering and thanksgiving to the Earth or God, for the bountiful of harvest. The harvest can be either come from the fields or fisheries.

The celebration of the Sedekah Bumi is different between one region to another. In Gresik, Sedekah Bumi is held during Zulkaidah month (Islamic Calender) and Sela month (Javanese calender). There are some sub-districts in Gresik that participating this ritual, which is, Kedanyang village, Kebonmas subdistrict; Dahanlor village, Dahanrejo village; Manyar sub-district; Banjarsari village and Betiring village, Banjarsari Village, Cerme Sub-district.

At that moment, the inhabitants are bring any kind of snacks, beverages, traditional cakes and agricultures like harvest things. Those offering are set into interesting form or placed into offering trays or better known as Ancak.

Ancak is similar to altar table, which is made by stretcher. An Ancak is carried by 2-4 people to the location of Sedekah Bumi. Interestingly, in each Ancak, there is Rengginang or glutinous rice crisp. In Daharlor, Rengginang is made similar to crown shape, which symbolize the power and prosperity. While in Betiring, Rengginang is made similar to buffalo horn, as a symbol of fertility.

Before the ritual begin, the inhabitants are moving around the village by carrying Bende or little gong and sacred umbrella that belongs to Tumenggung Pusponegoro, in 294 years ago. The local inhabitants bring Bende and the umbrella to the venue of Sedekah Bumi.

By celebrating this Sedekah Bumi, the inhabitants give thank to the plentiful harvest and ask for other bountiful harvest in next season.

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