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11-05-2016, 17:34
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West Sumatra, especially Bukittinggi, always offers a lot of benefits for the visitors travel there. When you want a reference unique attractions, which can be selected is Saribu bukittinggi bunch. Maybe some people are still wondering about these sights. Indeed there are still not many people know about these sights. The most unique is the similarity concept owned this tourist area of the Great Wall of China. Can be used as a substitute for enjoying the beauty of the Great Wall in China.

In a trip to the Janjang Saribu enjoy bukittinggi, of course, must know in advance about the description of these sights. Tourists usually want to feel a sensation of a visit to the Great Wall of China, but in version of Bukittinggi. When viewed at a glance, of course, there are many rows of stairs long enough at the regional or local Koto Tower. The length of that rung reaches or extends to the bottom of the canyon Sianok region. These stairs street named Janjang Saribu, or which means a thousand stairs.

The tourists are certainly curious about the overall length of the bunch Saribu bukittinggi. In fact, the length of this bunch is 780 meters. This place was once taken for granted by people. However, after the renovation here and there, building into a new look and more exciting. Thus, more and more people are utilizing today the tourist area for a vacation, or even just to take pictures only. As for the width of the bunch Saribu itself is 2 meters. Accents are included in the bunch are very similar to what exists in China or Gread wall koto Tower in London.


25-11-2016, 16:51
sangat indah..

16-01-2018, 11:26
Ini di kampung saya nih. Jadi inget sempet kepleset saat turun janjang nya, untung udah sedia asuransi perjalanan pas kesana :D

03-09-2018, 18:31
I love this place!