View Full Version : The Beautiful Beach Named Pasir Panjang Karam Bersulam

11-05-2016, 16:31

Namely Pasir Panjang Karam Bersulam Beach with the calm waves are perfect vacation at Riau Island. Pasir Panjang is situated in Mala hamlet, Mepar Village, Pasir Panjang Beach offers a unique contoured of coast, resemble curved with a coastline of 2 kilometers. The beauty of this beach is more perfect by the presence of Piatu Hill as well as Cenut mountain range that is not far away.


The expanse of white and smooth sand is another advantage of Pasir Panjang Karam. When recedes, a stretch of sand reaching up to tens of meters juts into the sea. That's the best time for you to do beach volleyball, beach soccer and other beach sports, or a walk on the surface of the wet sand to the sea is also a pleasant tourist activity. If the central Sea tides, you can swim or bathe in any side. The waves on the beach are relatively calm. In Pasir Panjang, there is sea sport center building where you can rent a canoe, boat and snorkel device.

If you travel to this beach, do not forget to take a walk along the west side of the beach. Located approximately 500 meters from the middle of the beach, you will find a headland which by local residents often called it Tanjung Cengkih or Cloves Cape. This Cloves Cape has a small hill that is not so high, only a few hundred meters above sea level. From the peak of this hill, you can see the panorama around it. In the past, this hill by the Lingga Sultanate served as a fortress to observe the presence of the enemy.

If you have been satisfied swimming and surfing at Pantai Pasir Panjang, you may take a rest for a moment in gazebos scattered at a number of points around the beach. You can open your lunch or buy food and drinks at the food stalls. For those interested in traveling to the Pasir Panjang, this beach is located not far from the Daik city center, the capital of Lingga regency and can be reached by motorcycle or four-wheeled vehicles. Travel time to get there is about 25 minutes. When you to the beach, you do not pay anything, including parking. Lingga regency can be reached from Tanjung Pinang, Riau Islands provincial capital with sea transportion, or from Batam city with air transportion.