View Full Version : The Beauty of Memperak Island - Bangka & Belitung

03-05-2016, 17:18

This is the beauty of tourist attractions in Belitung unknown to many tourists, but is known for its alluring charm. Memperak island is located in East Belitung, presenting your turquoise sea water and clean.

The natural beauty of the island underwater is one thing you should not miss. This is why this Memperak Island is one of the snorkel place in Bangka Belitung.

The best snorkeling on the island can be done in the north, east, and west of the island Memperak. That's the most interesting snorkel spot to enjoy the beauty of coral reefs and a variety of living creatures the underwater of Memperak Island. And do not forget, use footwear when snorkel as there are sea urchins.

Memperak Island is a deserted island, only guard the island who live in houses that has built there. Therefore, carrying supplies will be very important to enjoy the charm of travel Bangka Belitung one.