View Full Version : The Attractiveness of Kerinci Lake at The Foot of Mount Raja

03-05-2016, 16:04

The natural of Jambi province has became enchanting increasingly with their Kerinci Lake. It presence adds to the real amazed painting of Mount Raja that towering into the background scenery. The sparkle has clear water makes your eyes never get tired of staring at one of the beauty of God's creation in the island of Sumatra.

Kerinci Lake lies at the foot of Mount Raja, in the district of Kerinci Lake, Jambi Province. In Jambi Province, Kerinci Lake is the largest lake with an area of ​​4,200 hectares with a depth of 110 meters, while its height reaches 783 meters above sea level and has surrounding along 70 Km.

According to the geologists, Kerinci Lake is a part of the valley of Mount Kerinci. The valley is then formed as a small eruption caused by the volcano and a decrease in the Bukit Barisan Mountains. Then, the water in the mountain is filling the valley, forming a large lake.

In thousands of years, the process could reduce the size of the lake until it turns into a Kerinci Lake with waters that cross the Batang Merangin river. This area is the Sumatra fault groove, so that periodic tectonic earthquake which is due to movement of the parts of the pressure lithosfera horizontally in opposite directions.

Many tourists who come to this lake for camping, swimming, or fishing. Besides tourists who come to taste the typical food in the middle of the lake, because many restaurants are offering special menus at restaurants around the lake or in the middle of the lake.