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02-05-2016, 12:07

Jayapura is the capital of Papua Province where has many natural tourist attraction, which is mostly a waters tourist attraction. Not only the coast, the city of Jayapura also has an attraction in the form of a river that has its own uniqueness, the river was known as Kali Biru, rarely you can see the river that has blue color as in the city of Jayapura.

Location and Transportation of this object was a bit far from Jayapura's downtown, but that's not means the location is hard to be achieved. Kali Biru is located in Kali Biru village, Nimbokarang District, Jayapura, Indonesia. Within approximately 100 kilometers in the west of Jayapura's downtown.

Kali Biru village is located next to each other with Beraf village, which is also located in the district of nimbokarang, the temperature is rather cold, because it is located in the foothills of the Cyclops Mountain. If you are depart from Sentani Airport, it will in spend approximately 60 kilometer, there are the other homestay around the airports.

Kali Biru is one of vacation spot that is most visited by the local people in Jayapura, mostly the visitors who come are family group, they love to swim in Kali Biru, moreover the water is very fresh it comes straight from Cyclops mountain springs.

The river is blue in because there are the limestone rocks underneath, the light blue color of the sun makes this river so much more visible. it also very beautiful, furthermore if it is surrounded by a green landscape around it, making them soft blue color that looks very beautiful.

In the upper reaches of the Kali Biru, there is also a small waterfall, but enough to make you dragged. Not far from the small waterfall there was also a bridge that only form of two pieces of wood that are often used by the visitors, especially the young ones to sit around for a while before finally jumping into Kali Biru, it has become a habit for the current visitors in Kali Biru, so you should try when you are visit this place.

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