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02-05-2016, 11:47
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Gentala Arasy bridge is one of the icons in Jambi. This bridge was built in 2012 and was inaugurated by Mr. Jusuf Kalla as Vice President at that time. Actually there are two objects in this location, the tower of Gentala Arasy and Pedestrian bridge. But most people prefer to call Gentala Arasy bridge.

Pedestrian bridge, as seen from its name, is a bridge for pedestrians. The shape that resembles the letter "S" is a stretch of winding over Batang Hari river that roughly about 530 meters long. This bridge is made special for pedestrians, and it is suitable for those who want jogging at morning and noon.

While, Gentala Arasy tower is a museum that keep the history of the incoming and the development of Islam in Jambi. The tower’s shape is also very unique and very 'Islamic', just like architecture of a mosque.

In addition, at the end of the Gentala Arasy bridge there is a culinary center and a place to hang out in the afternoon until evening. There are many culinary merchants that can be enjoyed. In addition, we can also enjoy the views of the bridge.
To get into this Gentala Arasy bridge you do not have to pay for a ticket because there is no ticket counter. We can go up to the bridge Pedestrian for free while enjoying the view from the bridge. We can also view traffic conditions in Batang Hari River that never deserted from the busy days of the boats and small vessels.

If you want to enjoy downing the river by boat. Try A rental boat around the bridge, for there are many boats are lined up around the bridge, especially along the Batang Hari river.

Adopting the Clock Tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, at the top of the Gentala Arasy tower mounted a very large clock. At the base of the tower, there is a museum containing historical objects and large-sized of Mushaf Koran, which is 18 x 17 meters.
At the other end of the bridge there is a trade center of Jambi Province, as well as a traditional market of Angsoduo, Malls Wiltop Trade Center (WTC) Batanghari, and culinary center.

There is culinary center at the right across the bridge, crossing the street from Jambi governor's official residence. There are numbers of traditional meal from Jambi, including the snack like roasted corn and cold sugarcane.