View Full Version : Sumba Opu Fortress: A Fortress Built of The Egg Whites in Makassar

29-04-2016, 17:28

One of historic sites in Makassar, has an attraction for travelers to visit, the Somba Opu, located on Jl. Daeng Tata, Makassar. The fortress was built by the Sultan of Gowa to IX, Daeng Matanre Karaeng Tumaparisi Kallonna 1545. Believe it or not the building was built of clay and egg whites instead of cement.

The building has a high architectural value. The shape is rectangular, with a length of 2 km, the altitude of 7-8 meters, and the thickness of the walls of the fort reached 3.6 meters. A very sturdy construction of Somba Opu is a powerful defense system in a view of the fort are a trading center and port of spices visited by foreign merchants from Asia and Europe in the past. In this fort historical objects has stored Gowa Kingdom legacies.

Inside ​​the castle, you will also find wildlife parks and waterboom equipped with a number of supporting facilities, known as Gowa Discovery Park. To get into The Gowa Discovery Park, you have to pay the entrance fee of Rp 85 thousand to Rp 100 thousand on weekends. Meanwhile, the entrance ticket Somba Opu is Rp 2 thousand each person.