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29-04-2016, 16:38


As a district that is equipped with abundant natural resources, Pasuruan still keep their flagship product, in the segment of natural resources, which is Mangrove Forest. This forest tourism is located in the village Penunggul, sub Nguling, Pasuruan. This area is directly adjacent to Probolinggo district. The residents who live around Mangrove are mostly living as Fisherman.

Up to now, the mangrove forest land has reached 144 acres, that lies along 2km of shoreline Penunggul village. In this forest, there are 123 species of mangrove plants, including Rhyzapora mucronata, Abisina Alba, Rhyzapora apiculata, Alasina Marina. This forest is becomes the pilot maketh of mangrove forests in Indonesia and it awarded by awards Kalpataru and Satya Lencana Pembangunan award by the State Government.

In addition as an example for the mangrove forests in Indonesia, this forest is also frequently visited by many people from Japan, Norway, United Kingdom (England and Scotland), Malaysia, Australia and some other countries as a matter of scientific research.

In accordance with its function, it is created as a mangrove forest ecological balance, where there are several species of fauna in it. There are several species of birds and amphibians move along the ground until there is in this mangrove forest.