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24-09-2012, 11:31
Puspa Agro Sidoarjo

Puspa agro is the first integrated modern agribusiness wholesale market in Indonesia located in Jemundo Village, Taman sub district with the total area of 50 hectares.

This market is quite new, which was officially open in 17 July 2010, the stall is capable for 1200 seller for all over the area out of Sidoarjo.

Of the two sections of first stage, has now booked out. They have become the new merchants and old traders. For the old trader, they come from Porong market and Keputran market. Which was those two markets were experienced eviction by the government.

Currently, Puspa Agro has build two section buildings, which is sub-grosir and large wholesale booth with a capacity of 1045 units. And the buyer consists of farmers and traders who spread out in several areas in East Java.

Thousands of farmers are ready to serve retail customers, wholesale up to a big party. This wholesale market can accommodate wholesalers, agricultural products, fisheries, or farms.

source: www.eastjava.com

24-09-2012, 13:46