View Full Version : Enjoy The Liawan Waterfall Tourism Object in Mamasa - West Sulawesi

28-04-2016, 11:24

Liawan waterfall is one of waterfall object in West Sulawesi that you can relax by the fresh air. Located in Sumarorong, precisely for about 1,8 km from the eastern of Sumarorong, Mamasa region, West Sulawesi, is about 6km from Mamasa-Polewali road.

Mamasa region has several tribes, they are Toraja, Mandar, Bugis, Makassar tribes. This region has 2.759,23 km2 of larges, it has the tourist attraction potential inside. One of them is Liawan waterfall. You can swim, or maybe just take a bath, you can also jump from the top of cliffs here.

There are some buildings such as a loom for sitting place around the waterfall, you can enjoy and relax here while enjoy the natural scenery. The travelers can takes a night here, it has 5 cottages inn for those who want to stay. The travelers can also hold some bonfire, outbond, and the other things.

If you are visiting that place, you will feeling the fresh and cold wheather. Sumarorong is located on 1000 meters above the sea level and the air temperature is around 17 degrees celcius. Admission to this location is Rp. 3,000/ person/one-time visit.

To get the Mamasa - Sumarorong, You can use the public transport (bus/minibus/panther), it can be depart from Mamuju, West Sulawesi provincial capital, or via Makassar, South Sulawesi. The distance is almost the same, it will takes about 10 hours, was the same vehicle costs around Rp. 100.000. So, do not miss the freshness of Liawan waterfalls when you visit West Sulawesi.