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27-04-2016, 14:34

The Education Tourism, Kampung Coklat in Blitar has attract many visitors. Not only Blitar's residents who come to this place, there are many people from outside of city who also come to this place with their family. Kampung Coklat tourism Blitar is practically an interesting place, because it uses the warehouse and cocoa garden as a tourism object for a family that does not exist yet around Blitar. Kampung Coklat is one of the tourism reference in Blitar were recently popular.

Kampung Coklat is located in Blitar district, precisely on Jl. Bull Blorok 18 Plosorejo Kademangan Village Blitar. For those who departed from the city of Blitar, it will takes about 15-20 minutes to reach this location by using the route towards the coast and passing through Kademangan rejo pond.


Once you go into the Kampung Coklat tourism area, you will smell the fragrance of chocolate around the area. You will find the chocolate drying area in front of the entrance ticket. To get in to this area you will be required to pay a levy for the tourism area development of five thousand rupiah each person.

After buying a ticket for five thousand rupiah you can directly go and instantly get views of chocolate that has been laid out in such a way and there are several outlets that provide a variety of processed chocolate such as ice chocolate, chocolate ice cream, until brown noodles. There are also the other optional of food menu.


There are so many facilities that have been provided by the Kampung Coklat manager, in addition to the culinary area at the weekend there is entertainment stage that will accompany your holiday with the family. Not only for family, there also the young people who come here to enjoy the atmosphere of the chcolate.

Before you go home, you can visit the outlet that sells various kinds of chocolate processed such as brownies, chocolate candys, chocolate powder.