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Administratively Labengki Island is located in the village Labengki, district Lasolo, North Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi. To go to this island via sea travel it required for 5 hours from Kendari. However, if you are lucky, throughout the trip we will be entertained by dolphins that jumping in the air.

The long journey will lead the traveler on a hidden paradise. Most traveler called it as the miniature of Raja Ampat. The cluster of islands in the middle of the ocean is creating a panorama on Labengki that similar to Wayag in Raja Ampat. But this island has a special spot that been called as Teluk Cinta or the Gulf of Love.


Teluk Cinta becomes one of the favorite photo spot for traveler who visit Labengki Island. The bay has resembles a heart shape that can be seen in two ways: by trekking to the top of the hill or fly a drone, which obviously the forms can only be viewed from a height. If you choose to go to the top of the hill trekking we must pass through steep hills that had to be careful.

Other activities on Labengki Island is snorkeling. One of tremendous snorkeling spots in this island is not far from the main island or you have to boating back for 20 minutes. By having such of beauty resources in land and sea, the visiting Labengki Island will becomes your great experience ever.

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25-04-2016, 12:37