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22-04-2016, 14:55
Riau custom hall is located in Jl. Diponegoro No. 39, next to Tribuana building. This hall, with Malay architectural design, is one of buildings in Riua that facilitating and preserves the culture of malay in Riau. This building was develop and first opened in June 6, 1970.

At this building, the visitors can access the information about Malay culture. This building has 2 stairs, with secretariat room, main office and library. In the library, there are numbers of Malay literature collection from local to international writing, as well as the classic textsthat written in Arabic Malay. The library is also increasing the facilities by providing information, has with digital library website facility, so it will enable the users to access the data that stored in this library.

This building is decorated with various carvings, woven colors and patterns typical of the Malay community custom. The building consists of two stairs that are used for various activities related to the customs and culture of the Malay Resam, as well as other important meetings, such as the conferment of the title of Malay culture to high officials of the country.
Balai Adat or custom hall is an important building that should have by the people of Malay community. Balai Adat is a place for deliberative consensus. The place for tale the decision from traditional leaders. While Riau is a big area that full of Malay custom, then this Balai Adat is such an importan building at town.

Visitors can see the beauty and uniqueness of the architecture of the building that symbolizes the greatness of Malay cultures. On either side of the main door of the entrance hall, that located on the first floor, the visitors can see the first chapter to the fourth chapter of Gurindam Dua Belas works by Raja Ali Haji, the one of famous poet from ancient time. While the fifth chapter to twelve is plastered on the wall, inside the main hall of the building.


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architecture is beautiful

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Nice architecture.....

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thanks for the comment
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