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22-04-2016, 14:42
Seguntang Hill is small hill for 29-30 meter above the sea level, and it located for about 3km from the north edge of Musi River. Administravely, it part of Bukit Lama hamlet, Ilir Barat I sub-district, Palembang. From downtown of Palembang city, it only 4km away and it can be easily reach by using public transportation, heading to Bukit Besar.

For most inhabitant around the hill, this place is considered sacred. This hill is also the home for archeological relics that related to Sriwijaya Empire, during 6th to 13th Century ago. One of the archeological relics that been discovered at this place is a Buddha Statue in 1920. The statue was discovered in pieces and it takes months to get the whole back in piece, even the leg part is still missing. This statue is now available in Sultan Mahmud Badarudding II Museum.

Bukit Seguntang is the highest point in Palembang, the hill with garden and large trees over the sightseeing. On higher grounds within the complex there are some tombs linked by locals to the figures of Malay-Srivijayan royalties and heroes.






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great, I'm gonna be to this place. I love your country :rolleyes:

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Wow.. Wonderful place..