View Full Version : One Fine Day at Leebong Island, Belitung

20-04-2016, 15:49
Leebong Island (Lelebong) is a small island that located on the west coast of Belitung. This is an island that is geared specifically for the purpose of travel and adventure with an unusual location. If other island in Belitung like Lengkuas Island, Kepayang Island, Burung Island is located on the North West coast, then Leebong is located at the west coast, approximately 70km in the South of Lengkuas. The island is equipped with a variety of water sports facilities like kayaking, standing kayak, jet skiing, banana boat, etc.

Leebong island is can be reached by renting a vehicle (if not join the tour), for about 32km to harbor in South Pegantungan, Tanjungpandan. Smooth paved road conditions. Not far from this place, there is a large port of Tanjung Batu, which is a major port in Belitung. Your destination is not Tanjung Batu but Pegantungan port. Before you decide to go to this place be sure to contact the manager of the island in advance, to make sure the boat is available when you arrive at the port.

From the harbor, you can rent a boat for Rp 1.5 million for maximum capacity of 15 people. Boat rental is already included the tickets for admission to the island complex including the use of sport facilities such as kayaking or canoeing, stand up paddle, water bikes, water cycling, gazebo, sun lounger and umbrella home. As for the additional facilities costs include: Banana boat (max 5 pax) Rp 50,000 / pax / 15 min, jet ski Rp 250,000 / 15 min, rental cottages + tent + facility is Rp 200,000 / pax min 10 pax (current capacity can max 50 pax). Those prices prevailing since this information got in September 2015 and can be changed at any time.


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