View Full Version : Lampu Island, What A Great Escape To Have Here, Bangka

20-04-2016, 15:44
Lampu Island is an island located in the District Belinyu, Bangka, Bangka Belitung province. The island has an area of almost equal with Lengkuas in Belitung Regency and it also has a lighthouse. According to the people around the place, this island called Pulau Lampu due to the light that coming from the lighthouse on this island. But there are some people around called this island as Pulau Pelepas, since the island is also serves as a stopover fisherman to unwind.

The lighthouse that located on the island is a Dutch heritage building. A 50 meter tall lighthouse and being named as lighthouse H.M. Koningin Wilhelmina’ it was once restored in 1893. At the top of the lighthouse you can see scenery of the ocean, surrounding island to the sceneries of Bangka Island from a distance.

Swimming in the cleaar waters of the island is another activity that you can do. If you want to see the beauty of Pulau Lampu from various angles, you can wander around the island by using a rental boat. Not until a day, you can get arounf the island because it has small area. The boat rental rates to get around to this island is depends on agreement with the owner of the boat, but after arriving at this place, all just worth enough.

To reach this island you can use a private or rental vehicle from City of Pangkal Pinang to Penyusuk beach, which takes about three hours by passing through the city Sungailiat and Belinyu City. After arriving at Penyusuk beach, you can rent a fishing boat to get to the Lampu Island. If using wooden boats, you can pay the rent of Rp. 15,000 per person. But if you use a speed boat with a capacity of ten passengers, you will be charged at Rp. 50,000 per person. Do not forget to bring their own lunch before heading to Lampu Island because there have been no tourist facilities on the island.




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