View Full Version : Beauty Pidakan Beach From Pacitan

15-04-2016, 12:35

Pidakan beach is located in Gedong Kulon subvillage, Jetak village, Tulakan distric, Pacitan. It is about 30 Km to the east from central of pacitan.You can get there by motor cycle or car by Jalur Lintas Selatan (South Line Road). The road is wide and smooth and the location of Pidakan beach is near the Road. It must be easy to find.

The Pidakan beach is very beautiful beach indeed, coral, pebbles, and sand are spreading along the shore.

For the photography lover, this location is very suitable for it. If you like to explore this beach, you will definitely find starfish, sea urchin and also mangrove crabs.

There were some mystic story about Pidakan beach, it was said by the local, that recently, a photographer was trying to take a picture of a big rock there, and suddenly, that photographer looked like he was possessed immediately. People said, that was happened because that photographer was trying to bring home some pebble from pidakan beach without permission. May be that action made the spirits there angry. The point is, don't disturb the nature, keep their preservation.


Image source: www.ratjoen.in