View Full Version : Tangsi Beach Situbondo, Your Nearest Destination To Enjoy Sunset

15-04-2016, 11:25
Tangsi beach is located in semiring village, District Mangaran, Situbondo. The beach is quite clean with wide beaches, with a view of the lighthouse that being used for navigation to vessels that passing through the coastal area, there is also a fish ponds belongs to local inhabitants.

Initially, around Tangsi beach was functioned as an oil refinery, but now the area is used for fish ponds. With mangrove trees as the main attraction for its development, Tangsi Beach is now becomes more popular to be visited.



http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-PaAjCUjVH1g/VpT3D5sRCWI/AAAAAAAABK8/6pHLsyQ0Y10/s1600/12417610_1000816069985941_3770953616212763225_n.jp g