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14-04-2016, 16:42
Jeruk cave is located in in Kebunagung village, Sumenep regency. This cave was a meditation place that used by Sultan Abdurrahman Pakunata ningrat, the duke of Sumenep in 1811 - 1854 M. After the administration of Panembahan Sumolo, Sultan Abdurrahman was the only trusted and smart duke to ran the administration in Sumenep.

During Sultan Abdurrahman era, all the people live in piece and save. The conomic worked very fluent, that made the people gave highest honor to him.

Hence, the preservation and the originality of Gua Jeruk is taken care wisely. This is done to remember Sultan Abdurrahman and to take care one of history heap. Many people come to visit gua jeruk, especially in holiday season like iedul fitri and 7 days after ied.

http://jalan2.com/images/made/images/uploads/objek-wisata/_large/919ca639ce7e88bf95bd7ca52189617d_448_336_50_c1_c.j pg