View Full Version : Stepping Along the Old Town at Karet Street, Surabaya

14-04-2016, 15:45
Walking along Karet Street, Surabaya, we will see lot of ancient mansions which seems uninhabited with gray and shady painted in all over the exterior. This street is such the heart of Surabaya. Since early in the morning to the late evening, there will be tight and busy activities around the street for this street are the main access to Kembang Jepun Street. There are many stripper buildings that being functioned as warehouse, so there are many large size trucks that are parked through this street.

There are some colonial buildings which are still on its originality and never get renovated. These buildings look very old fashioned and vintage or even creepy compared with modern buildings between other streets in Surabaya. This street is sometime renowned as Surabaya’s China town for it inhabited by Tionghoa citizen that live peacefully with other tribe like Javanese and Arab.

Many photographers are interested with this place because of the old and heritage view. They usually use this place as the background of pre-wedding photo section. Today, not only the photographers who take the pictures here, but the young people, children and even the old people also like taking some pictures here. It is genuinely unique heritage area in the city of Surabaya.