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Batik Kenongo is one of handwriting batik crafts from Sidoarjo; it located in Kenongo village. There are lots of designs from traditional Batik that will make you wonder, it is available for those who are fanatics to Batik. The quality of Kenongo Batik been recoqnized in worldwide, even, it already received five awards from some countries, like Spain and France. Hence, the price is also appropriated by the quality.

Diligent, creativity and hard work is the main asset to build the successfulness among the Batik craftsmen in Kenongo. Kenongo Handwriting Batik was built in 1979 by Oesman Jasir. After retiring as an employee of the state court in Soeharto’s era, Oesman was open batik industry in Sidoarjo. Precisely at Kenongo Village, Tulangan District, Sidoarjo, East Java.

Within Kenongo particular design, the craftsmen put the touch of modernization and traditional culture into the masterpiece, like the pattern of shrimp, milk fish or heron were the first patter design in early Kenongo design. The colors are tend to be bright, unlike the Solo or Yogyakarta batik which is tend to has soft color. Those particulars are become the icon from Kenongo Batik.

Handwriting batik is just made into one or two sheets on every model. Thus make Kenongo batik become particular and rare to be traced.