View Full Version : Kayangan Api From Bojonegoro

05-04-2016, 15:09

Kayangan Api is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Bojonegoro. The fire never goes out is located in Sendangharjo village, Ngasem district, Bojonegoro. Kayangan Api is also the largest source of fire in Southeast Asia.

The local people believes formerly was the place to make agricultural tools and heirloom made by a blacksmith is come from Majapahit Kingdom named Mbah Kriyo Kusumo or Mpu Supa also commonly called Mbah Pandhe. Mud contained in the west of Kayangan Api and has a sulfur smell believed that Mbah Kriyo Kusumo still activity until now.

To get to Kayangan Api, you will pass through teak forests are green and leafy. Arriving at Kayangan Api site, you will be greeted archway lined with poles. In the middle of pole there is a circle of stones that emit heat wave which is where the eternal flame or Kayangan Api located.