View Full Version : Joko Tarub Recreational Site

04-04-2016, 16:44
The place is located in Sumberagung village, Plumpang sub-district, Tuban. With a distance of approximately less than a hundred meters from the highway, Joko Tarub Park is a tourism site and recreation place that can easily be found by any citizen who wants enjoy beautiful atmosphere in the mountains.

Urban legend said, that in this place there were reportedly traces of an angel when their foot was about to return to heaven. Joko Tarub itself was a well-known legend who took one of the shawl of those angels. In this park, there is a very large snake, some tail deer, peacocks and other animals. This place became a very famous tourism site in 1999.

With extensive parking facilities and beautiful location, the visitors will be very comfortable to be visited. Its location is very spacious and has thousands of trees that make this place seems to be a small forest.