View Full Version : Lempok Durian, The Durian Cake from Pontianak

04-04-2016, 16:19
Lempok Durian is kind of sticky sweet cake made from Durian fruit. In Indonesia there are other variant from Lempok or Jenang or Dodol, with different taste, but it has something in common, which is the main ingredients. Lempok or dodol or jenang is made from three main ingredients, which is sugar (can be white sugar or brown sugar), coconut milk and flour or particular taste like durian, pineapple or others.

Lempok Durian is 100% made of Durian and sugar, and it takes 4 hours in cooking process. During the process, it needs to be stirred well and continuously, to make the dough well cooked. This dish is also available in other region like Pontianak and Bengkulu, or other area with different name and taste.