View Full Version : Climbing Mount Wilis of Kediri

01-04-2016, 17:19

Mount Wilis is a non-active mountain located on Java Island, East Java, Indonesia. Mount Wilis was originally named Mount Pawinihan. Mount Wilis has an altitude of 2563 meters above sea level. The peak is located on the border between the six regencies of Kediri, Tulungagung, Nganjuk, Madiun, Ponorogo, and Trenggalek.

Mount Wilis famous as tourist attractions such as waterfalls namely Irenggolo Waterfall, Dholo Waterfall. The waterfall is included in the management of Kediri regency.

Climbing Mount Wilis from the east can be initiated through Kediri regency precisely in Mojo district. The road leading to the summit of Mount Wilis already built sufficient through Mojo. Meanwhile, from the south of Mount Wilis can be climbed from Sendang district, Tulungagung regency. If you want to reach Mount Wilis from the north, the climb can be started from Nganjuk, while from the west, the climb can be started from Ponorogo or Madiun regency.

Mount Wilis has three main peaks, namely Wilis, Liman and Limas peak.
1. Limas Peak (2300 meters) hiking trail from Bajulan village, Nganjuk or Goliman, Kediri.
2. Liman Peak (2535 meters) hiking trail via Sedudo, Nganjuk or Madiun or Ponorogo.
3. Wilis Peak (2563 meters) hiking trail via Besuki, Kediri or Tulungagung or Trenggalek.