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Danau Tes or Tes Lake is the largest lake in the province of Bengkulu, lying between two tribal hamlets of Rejang tribe, which is the indigenous village Kutei Donok (Tengah Village) and the indigenous Tes Village. The lake is located in the district of South Lebong, Lebong regency and is located on the slopes of the Bukit Barisan mountains with an altitude of 500 meters above sea level.

Geographically, the topography of Tes Lake and the surrounding area is hilly slopes with a medium altitude, it is practical to make this lake and the surrounding area has mild weather with mostly rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year.

Tes Lake has fascinating natural scenery with clear sparkling water. You can take a boat to enjoy the beauty around the lake. Besides having a great natural beauty, the lake has legend that believed to be the home of a snake with seven head.

It was said that in Bengkulu there was Kutei Rutam kingdom that led by King Bikau Bermano, at a time the king held a wedding ceremony of his son Gajah Meram with a princess named Princess Jinggai. When the prince with his future wife was doing a ritual at bath Aket on the shores of Lake Test, suddenly both of them were disappeared, and it believed that they carried by the seven head snake as the host of the lake.

Tes Lake is approximately 25 km from the city center (Muara Aman), 44 km from Curup city, or 123 km from the provincial capital. This lake can be achieved by using public transportation and private motor vehicles.

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What a relaxing lake


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