View Full Version : Have Fun At Coban Baung, A Waterfall in Purwodadi, Pasuruan

24-03-2016, 16:08
Coban Baung or Baung Waterfall (Javanese : Coban means waterfall. Indonesian : Coban means air terjun), is located in Purwodadi, next beside Purwodadi Great Garden. It can be reach for almost 2 hours from Surabaya.

Coban Baung waterfall having 100 m height and become an interesting attraction for visitors. The waterfall is a confluence of two streams, the River Welang and River Beji. The high cliffs around Coban Baung will also complete the beauty of this place. In addition to Coban Baung waterfall, on the east side of Mount Baung there is also four waterfalls with 100 meters high which is located along River Welang.

Around the waterfal, there is Baung Mountain. Mount Baung is a lowland tropical forest that stores some natural biodiversity. One of the most unique is the area of bamboo forest areas, which, there is banyan trees (Ficus benyamina), walikukun (Scoutenis Ovata), and the saga (Abrus precatorius), which also adorn the existing tropical forest. In addition, in this region we can found, Deer (muntiakus muncak), Warthog, Hedgehog, Java monkey, eagle, and more.