View Full Version : Tenun Ikat Bandar, Kediri's Traditional Cloth

23-03-2016, 15:57

Tenun Ikat Bandar is one of Indonesia's woven clothes from Kediri. This traditional craft is precisely located in Bandar Kidul, Kediri, East Java.

This Indonesian woven fabric of Kain Ikat Bandar is one of legacies that handed down from the ancestors of local craftsmen who used the woven fabric in Kediri and it still running for business till today. Like any other woven fabric, Tenun Ikat Bandar in its manufacturing process is done by using loom machines.

Previously, the processing of cotton up into rolls of yarn was done traditionally and still manual. Because it takes a long time even for months on a single sheet then it uses modern machine. However, Tenun Ikat Bandar had experienced its heyday during 1960s to 1970s