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21-03-2016, 17:05
Pacitan has the cluster of beautiful south coast. Watu Karung beach is one of those beaches as the sea tourist destination for surfing sport in East Java.

Watu Karung beach or known as WK beach at the end of village. Located not too far from Srau beach approximately 45 minutes trip. Because not many people know the existence of this beach make beach is still quiet and maintained continuity.

Although the beach is not so widespread. Watu Karung beach is very beautiful, there are distant views of the large rocks that lined and slightly decorated green plants. Clean white sand beaches are still free from rubbish to make something so refreshing. Green sea water at the edge and make clear the corals and underwater life are visible without we have dive.

Behind the beauty, Watu Karung Beach proved to have extraordinary waves. With this type of reef breaks and seabed rock, at certain moments Watu Karung Beach can produce barrels that will make the surfer was in heaven. Both with goofy surfer and natural style can surf here because Watu Karung Beach has waves right and left. Watu Karung beach are also not too crowded, so surfers could catch waves freely. Offshore wind typically comes in from April to October, making these months are the best time to mingle with the barrel Watu Karung beach.


Watu Karung beach is located in Watu Karung village, Pringkuku district, Pacitan regency of East Java province.


This beautiful beach has distance from Pacitan city approximately 40 kilometers. Access to the location can be reach by private vehicle, either two-wheel or four wheel because there is no public transportation specifically to the location of the beach. For the visitors pass to the east, can pass routes Ponorogo Pacitan, via Ponorogo Purwantoro Nawangan Arjosari Pacitan.

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