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21-03-2016, 16:46

Jembatan Merah Surabaya

Jembatan Merah or Red Bridge was formed above an agreement of Pakubowono II of Mataram by VOC since 11 November 1743. In the agreement mentioned that some northern coast areas, including Surabaya, handed over into VOC. Since then Surabaya was under Dutch colonialism. Since then, the Red Bridge area was a commercial area and Jembatan Merah became the only way road to connect Kalimas and Surabaya Residency Building and considered as the very important facility. In this place, Brigadier Mallaby (head of the British armed forces) were killed.

Red bridge was physically changes occurred around the 1890ís, when the boundary fence was river changed from wood into iron. Nowadays, the condition of the bridge that connects Rajawali street and Kembang Jepun Street on the north side of Surabaya is almost exactly the same as any other bridge, with red color as particular.

Around the bridge, there are some Dutch heritage buildings which are still exist in the south of Red Bridge. Today those buildings change the function as a tabloid newspaper office in Surabaya, the post office and Pelni office. Moreover, there are also economic centers around the bridge that remaining famous, such as the Red Bridge Plaza and others commercial center.

Jembatan Merah was once the living witness of Indonesian soldier, especially for Surabaya heroes that struggling fight the Dutch colonialism. Hence, no matter the condition that may be happen today, Jembatan merah is become the important mainstream for Indonesia history. It was the living hero and still become a hero that standing against the time.