View Full Version : Danau Dendam Tak Sudah, A Tragic Popular Lake in Bengkulu

21-03-2016, 16:27
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21-03-2016, 16:32
Danau Dendam Tak Sudah (DDTS) is a lake located in the province of Bengkulu. The lake is located in the Village of Dusun Besar, District Singaran Pati, Kota Bengkulu, Bengkulu Province. This lake has an overall area of 557 and a surface area of 67 hectares.

The lake was thought to have formed from volcanic activity in the area. Given its strategic importance and its existence, in 1936 this Lake was established as a nature reserve with an area of 11.5 hectares by the Dutch government. Then, in 1979, this nature reserve area was expanded into 430 hectares. In 1999 the nature reserve area once more expanded into 577 hectares