View Full Version : Tea Plantation around Dempo Mountain, Pagaralam - South Sumatera

18-03-2016, 15:06
As the highest stratovolcano mountain in South Sumatera, Mount Dempo has rises above Pasumah Plain near to Pagar Alam. This mountain is close to Bengkulu province and it has seven craters around the summit. When visiting the mountain, there will be lake that founded at northwest end for about 400 m wide.

Located right on the border between the provinces of South Sumatra and Bengkulu on Sumatra’s west coast, Mount Dempo lies in Pagaralam, and it entirely surrounded by hills and mountain ridges. It takes some 7-hours driving to reach Pagaralam from Palembang, and then another 15 kilometers from the center of Pagaralam to Mount Dempo. The trip will significantly amazing, since you will be presented with fantastic scenery of cliffs and valleys accompanied by fresh, unpolluted air.

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